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What is it?

TweetIt allows you to manage player's twitter accounts in-game.

TweetIt manages the authentication for you. All user related data is encrypted before storage, so you know it's safe.

I am thinking about adding a limiter, to allow server owners as well as players to directly restrict what a TweetIt dependant plugin can do on their account, rather than have Twitter do it for them.

What does it run on?

TweetIt is a SpigotMC plugin. It will only run when used in conjuction with the SpigotMC mod built for Minecraft servers.

View the TweetIt GitHub reprository

How can I get it?

The plugin discription can be found on its SpigotMC resource page. If you want to skip all that, you can download the plugin JAR from the link below.

View its SpigotMC resource page
Click here to download TweetIt