Hello there! My name is Victor and I'm a Computer Science student in Software Engineering at Carleton University.

This is where I keep my stuff.

Below, you will find my portfolio with access to projects I have worked on (or am currently working on).


❏ Android
❏ Angular
❏ MongoDB
❏ TypeScript
❏ Express
❏ Java
❏ JavaScript
❏ Node
❏ JavaFX
❏ Visual Basic
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Why I Code

There are three basic reasons why I code...

1. My Personality

I believe the hardwiring of my brain plays a great role in my obsession with programming. Being increasingly curious, introverted, easily inspired; these and more are what I believe make programming such a perfect fit for me, and me for it.

2. My Hobbies

I'm not going to bore you with all the cliché "I wanted to do this since I was 5 years old", because we all know that's not true. However, I believe my obsession with the computer falls as far back since my time in primary school, where I would always want to see how the computer did the things I wanted it to do. It became even more apparent when I realised that there are tiny computers in many electronics, I began to take every electronic device I could find appart, just to see what's inside.

3. My Teaching

Although I had obsessed with the computer since primary school, I never tried programming officially until year 10 (GCSE). I started programming during Computing class, and went on to do more out of school.

My first programming languages were a low-level language ( The LMC ) and two high-level languages; Scratch and JavaScript.

Later, in my A Level (GCE) education, I was taught three new high-level programming languages; Visual Basic, SQL, and a little bit of Prolog. However, I did not restrict myself to these languages alone, I alse decided to teach myself Java along with HTML and CSS.