Pure Music Player

❏ Visual Basic

What is it?

Pure music player, is a desktop application that lets you organise and play music files on your computer. It does this by importing them into its own library, where it stored extra metadata for the files including track info and album covers. It also allows you to create playlists of your music, and automatically collates tracks in the same album.

What does it run on?

Pure Player is designed for Windows. It may also run on Mac and/or Unix/Linux systems. I cannot confirm this as I do not have such systems to test with. You can still try the application. If you know how to make a compatible version (presuming this is necessary), the source link is provided below.

View the Pure Music Player GitHub reprository

How can I get it?

An link to the application executable can be downloaded from the link below. Don't worry, it has no viruses or malware running. If your browser shows a dialog upon clicking the link, just click on accept and place the executable in its own folder.

Click here to download Pure Music Player