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❏ Angular ❏ MongoDB Realm ❏ TypeScript

What is it?

Scholar is a Progressive Web Application built with Angular 11 and being deployed to the Google Play Store as a Trusted Web Activity (TWA). The goal of the app is to benefit students by giving them a tool through which they can track their classes, assignments, exams, etc. and also be able to keep a close eye on their current & projected GPA.

What does it run on?

Scolar heavily utilizes serverless tools within MongoDB Realm including cloud functions, triggers, and hosting; it also utilizes Identity-as-a-service from Auth0 for authentication. Scholar takes a mobile-first approach to its interface so as to enhance the mobile user experience

How can I get it?

View Scholar's GitHub reprository

Scholar is currently in closed beta. All rights to code & content are reserved, and are only made visible for educational purposes.